Carl has an uncanny knack for encouraging and finding the creative juice in a project, while continuing to make it all seem utterly possible."
William Pryor, writer, Survival of the Coolest

Extremely helpful and tailored advice. Turned the mine-field of producing an independent film into a negotiable and comprehensive terrain. I walked in plagued with confusion and fears, I walked out with clarity and confidence! ... Well you know what I mean. Basically well worth the money."
Katherine Crawley, Independent Producer

Really enjoyed your workshop ... I learnt a lot. ... I could be sceptical about the value of workshops, but not after Weds. You converted me! Peter Chapman, Director

I had an excellent time - I was sifting through my notes from the weekend yesterday, it was truly informative and inspiring and gave a really clear, realistic route to fundraising and film making, features or otherwise - just what I need at the moment. I hope you'll be coming to lecture again.
Hank Starrs, Producer, Whiteout Films

It cleared the muddy waters and now I have a good idea of what is involved. Many thanks.
Rita Wheeler, Screenwriter

It's safe to say that Carl's experience as both producer and workshop leader enable him to work very effectively with students as well as our support team. He inspires as well as prepares for challenges and decisions filmmakers may face in production. The combination of both communication skills and producing aptitude make him highly recommendable for professional training.
Helen Bingham, Head of Production, Northwestvision

We can strongly recommend Carl as an extremely efficient producer capable of supporting even the most challenging film production with his creative and marketing skills as well as insight into financing structures.
Robert Busch, Producer Heimat III

Carl is a fine teacher because he conveys a real enthusiasm for learning. There is a freshness about what he teaches because one feels he has recently learned it himself -- from personal experience and with a good deal of pleasure.
Simon Perry, President, ACE

Carl Schoenfeld's digital feature production seminar was a real shot in the arm and a bit daunting at the same time. It was a race to note everything down so detailed were the options and first hand examples of making a movie with digital tools. I learned more in one afternoon than I did in three years at film school and because he had made all the mistakes himself - and he was not coy about admitting them - we all felt safe to make a few fuck ups of our own along the way too because that was the only way we were ever going to know as much as Carl clearly did.
Darren Bender, Bent Films

Having worked with Carl on script development and knowing him as a fellow producer, I have been impressed by his tenacity and all round grasp of the elements of film production. His contributions on script are thoughtful and perceptive, and draw on his combination of practical experience, theoretical knowledge and general awareness of film and writing. As someone who has successfully navigated the whole process of developing, financing, completing and promoting challenging independent film, Carl is especially well placed to take advantage of his international outlook to draw together the many strands of international co-production possibilities.
Ben Woolford, Producer, Tall Stories

My Brother Tom was a classic independent producer triumph of hope and determination against the adversity of a difficult market for challenging work.
Robin Gutch, Head of FilmFour Lab

It was a great workshop and I think everyone appreciated the producer's angle on a subject they're used to hearing about from a director's viewpoint. A good eye-opener for those involved!
Dan Lawson, Screen West Midlands

All the subjects covered were well laid out and in fine detail and although we are producers, no one knows all there is to know about this industry. Our grateful thanks for a very informative day.
Barry Heath, Producer, FIST

We had good feedback on your particular session and the information and presentation went well.
Stuart Worthington, Target Training

Carl was a delight to teach with. Not only did he motivate the students well, engage with the curriculum as a whole but his efficiency and organisational skills shone out at every stage.
Ellen Roseblade, Scheme Leader, BA Media Production Management, West Herts College

From the feedback we received on the course of the evening I believe everyone greatly appreciated the pitching event even to the extent of asking for when it will be run again!
Jo-Ashton Jones, Road Movies

Everyone really enjoyed the course and all used the word excellent ("gwych" in Welsh) to describe the course on their evaluation form.
Catrin Hughes, Cyfle

Carl is a highly motivated teacher, he has the ability to set out and achieve course aims and furthermore can inspire self-motivation.
Hanno Baethe, Filmmaker and Dean, Hanover University of Applied Arts & Sciences

I am very excited, this is my first script commission, and I want to thank you from all my heart, you are my first mentor.
Arzu Oezer, Writer

I always wanted to thank you as this was a high class course that kicked off a fierce though positive avalanche with me.
Andrea Ivanovs, Writer

It cleared the muddy waters and now I have a good idea of what is involved. Many thanks.
Rita Wheeler, Screenwriter

Very good tutor had a great accent.
Owain Llyn, Filmmaker