Recommended Resources

Film Industry

Art of the Deal, Dorothy Viljoen (PACT 1997 [currently being updated])
Career Handbook for TV, Radio, Film, Video & Interactive Media; Shiona Llewellyn (A&C Black, London 2000)
Down and Dirty Pictures, Peter Biskind (Schuster & Schuster 2004)
Egos Have Landed, The; Angus Finney (Heinemann 1996)
Film Marketing Handbook, The; John Durie (ed) Media Business School 1993)
Filmmakers and Financing, Louise Levinson, (3rd Ed. Focal Press 2001)
Filmmakers’ Guide to Distribution and Exhibition, A; Jane Giles (BFI 2001)
Focus 2004. World Film Market Trends. A report by the European Audiovisual Observatory, (International Film Market, Cannes)
Get Your Film Funded, Carole Hancock & Nic Wistreich (Shooting People Press)
Killer Instinct, Jane Hamsher (Orion Media 1997)
Management Theory and Practice, GA Cole (DP Publications 5th Ed, 1996)
My Indecision is Final, Jake Eberts & Terry Illott (Faber & Faber 1990)
Rebel Without a Crew, Robert Rodriguez (Faber and Faber, 1997)
Screen International (published weekly by EMAP )
Shooting to Kill, Christine Vachon (Avon Books New York 1998)
Spike Mike Reloaded, John Pierson (Hyperion 2003)
State of European Cinema, The; A. Finney (Cassell 1996)
Undeclared War, The; David Puttnam (HarperCollins 1997)


Basic Film Technique, Ken Daley (Focal Press 1980)
Guerrilla Film Makers Handbook, The; Chris Jones & Genevieve Jolliffe (Cassel 2000)
Lighting for Digital Video DVD, Eric Huyton (DV User 2005)
Practical DV Filmmaking, Russel Evans (Focal Press 2002)
Production Management for Film & Video, Richard Gates (13th Ed, Focal Press 1999)Trier on von Trier, Stig Blörkman (Ed., Faber & Faber 2003)
Video Production Handbook, Gerald Millerson (3rd Ed, Focal Press 2001)
Ten Minutes - The Film Makers Guide DVD, Dean Fisher (Scanner-Rhodes Productions 2005)


Story, Robert McKee (Methuen 1999)
Writer’s Journey, The; Christopher Vogler (Boxtree 1992)

Digital Film-making

Name Of This Book Is Dogme 95, The, Richard Kelly (Faber and Faber, 2000)
Pluginturnon – A Guide to Internet Filmmaking, Ana Kronschnabel and Tomas Rawlings (Marion Boyars, London 2004)
Purity and Provocation: Dogme 95, Mette Hjort (Editor) and Scott MacKenzie (Editor) (BFI Publishing, 2003)